Blogging for Accountants

I’m sure you know that blogging is a good idea for accounting firms (if not, you should definitely register for our free blogging webinar and find out). It keeps your site looking fresh, demonstrates your expertise and search engines love blogs.

But in my experience, most firms struggle to consistently post content to their blog. The reasons for this are several but boil down to one thing – writing needs to become a habit otherwise it doesn’t happen.

So the question is, how to create that habit so blogging (and creating other marketing content) becomes routine rather than a task to be dreaded or ignored?

To answer that, I’m hosting a free blogging webinar where I’ll cover:

  • Why blog?
  • How to get ideas for blog posts
  • Writing tips from Bizink’s content team
  • Recycling your blog content for a marketing boost
  • Pro tips from top accounting bloggers

I know you’re busy working with clients so my intention is to show you how to quickly and easily find ideas for engaging content. Then I’ll show you how to turn them into blog posts that your clients will love and that will build credibility with prospects.

Staying with the theme of productivity, I’ll also show you how to recycle blog posts and get a marketing boost on social media and through other channels with little extra effort.

Finally, I’ll share some pro tips from top accounting bloggers. Here’s a taster from Heather Smith of Anise Consulting, author of Xero for Dummies and a prolific blogger:

“The easiest blog topic opportunity is to answer common client questions. Look at the questions clients ask and answer it comprehensively. Then blog about it. Then next time someone searches online or asks you about it – you can send them the link to the answer or copy and paste it for them. Remember it is OK to update blog posts, if extra information or extra questions come along.”

Webinar Details

Date & Time:

Australia & New Zealand

Wednesday 27th April at 1pm AEST | 1pm QLD | 11am WA | 3pm NZ

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US & Canada

Wednesday 27th April at 1pm PDT | 4pm EST

Duration – 1 hour

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If you can’t make the webinar, register anyway to receive the recording.

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