Get to know Future Firm, crash Google Sheets, style guide and free brand checklist…

 I know you don't have much time for marketing so I'll make this quick!

1. Can I help?

Often a simple approach works best in marketing. Digital marketing gives us endless data about clients and prospects yet there are still huge gaps in what we know about them.   A great way to find out what’s on their mind is simply ask!   Try sending a short email like this to clients next week:   Subject: How can we help you in 2022?   Hi {first name}   You probably don’t know about all the ways we could help you and your business.   Rather than list them all, I just wanted to know how we can help you in 2022?   If it’s not something we can do directly, I’ll refer you to someone who can.   Thanks   {your name}   You could include a meeting booking link if you have one.   Send this to all your clients and warm prospects and leads too if you have any.   You’ll get some interesting responses which could lead to more work. Or opportunities to improve your service. Maybe even referrals.   If and when conversations occur, stay curious and don’t dive into solving the first issue they have. Often what people want is not what they need or there are other factors at play.  

2. Copy this

I just shared a template with you. Giving away bits of useful content like this is a great way to give value whilst showing your expertise.   There are lots of ways you could do this for clients and prospects.   If I was an accountant, I’d be sharing functional stuff like spreadsheets. For example a cash flow template or pricing calculator.   Cloud accounting apps are great for some things but spreadsheets are still more useful and flexible for a lot of tasks. We use them internally all the time as does every other business person I know.   Sharing a read-only Google doc is an ideal mechanism - people who love files and/or Microsoft can always download it as an .XLSX if they wish.   You can share via email, social, your website or just direct to clients. Some of the best performing marketing firms do this stuff all the time.   Sceptical about how well this could work? During the start of the pandemic, Bizink's CFO created a spreadsheet that crashed Google Sheets in Australia!  

3. Ready for the future?

In 2013, Ryan Lazanis founded Xen Accounting, a 100% cloud-based accounting firm scaling it to a sale in 2018.   Next, he founded Future Firm to help accountants fast-track the growth of a modern, scalable accounting firm of their own. He shares the principles he used to grow Xen Accounting, covering topics like technology and marketing.   I really rate Ryan’s content and am delighted that Bizink is now partnering with Future Firm on a marketing content pack.   If you’re looking for a blueprint to scale your firm, check out his program and don’t forget to tell him I told you about it!  

4. Style guide

We’ve been refreshing Bizink’s content style guide. If you’re a small firm, it’s probably overkill but once you hire a marketer or outsource, then a style guide will ensure your communicating consistently with your brand.   Here’s the Grammarly guide to creating a content style guide.  

5. Brand checklist

Of course you can only have a brand voice if you have a brand! This checklist will help you create good brand habits.   That’s all for this week, To your marketing success!   Taken from Bizink's CEO, Matt Wilkinson's email newsletter, the Bizink Bulletin.  

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