Seachange Accounting

“Websites can be confusing. It’s easy to get lost and hard to know what to do. Bizink made it easy.” – Seachange Accounting’s Bizink experience

Seachange Accounting is a boutique accounting practice in Port Macquarie, Australia. Sandra Magann leads the team who have over 25 years experience in public practice and small business. Seachange Accounting’s aim is to provide practical, straight-forward advice that’s backed up by technology. With that in mind, they decided it was time to get a new website.

“Working with Bizink has been great right from the start. The team were fabulous and spent so much time working through everything with us. Websites can be confusing. It’s so easy to get lost and hard to know what to do. Bizink made it easy”, says Sandra. “If there are any changes needed, we know there is always someone looking after us.”

But it’s not just their web presence that Bizink has helped with. “Bizink’s marketing knowledge and expertise is great too!” Sandra said. “Bizink helped us find our speciality in the hospitality industry. Our website has really helped us attract these clients that are a better fit for us, the ones we can really help.”


The website also helps Seachange demonstrate their expertise as Xero advisors. “The website has helped us communicate the services we provide with Xero, including our Xero Training Sessions” says Sandra. “We wanted to highlight the Xero side a bit more so Bizink tweaked a few things and even added an SEO page to boost our ranking as a Xero advisor in Port Macquarie.”

Sandra goes on to explain that their search engine ranking has improved since they’ve engaged Bizink. “There are a lot of accounting firms locally and since we’ve moved to Bizink we’re ranking on page 1.”

Sandra also describes the benefits of Bizink’s blogs. “It’s so good to have the blog content. And with the social media connection we know our Facebook page is being updated automatically. You just choose a photo and post it, it’s easy. I also think these blogs have helped our SEO since our site is always being updated.”

Looking back at their experience with Bizink, Sandra says she would recommend Bizink to other accounting firms. “I see the other sites Bizink builds and they are so different, there are so many different ideas out there and everyone has different target clients. Bizink customises it and that definitely comes through.”

“As much as I want to have the advantage of keeping their marketing expertise to myself, I would definitely recommend Bizink to other firms.”


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