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pmwPlus is a leading firm in Orange, a regional town in NSW, Australia. The firm has been around for almost 70 years and offers accounting, advisory, private wealth, finance and assurance services. The pmwPlus team first met Bizink in 2018 at industry events including Xerocon and the myprosperity roadshow. We sat down with Bo Neist (Marketing Communications Manager) in September 2020 to chat about their Bizink experience.

Choosing Bizink

The pmwPlus team is very clear on what their values are. They place a strong emphasis on building relationships with people and suppliers who put service first. After meeting the Bizink team at industry events, the relationship continued to grow, lining up well with the principles they hold at pmwPlus.

pmwPlus knew they wanted a new website and knew they needed someone to help manage it. Bo told us “Bizink fulfilled the brief, they knew exactly what we wanted because they’re experienced in the financial services sector. It just felt right.”

“The process was really smooth”


Building a custom-designed website

Bo described the custom design process as “fabulous!”
“We were very specific with our brief as to what we needed and the brief, and Bizink certainly delivered on that.”

“When you’re building a website, there’s always going to be back and forth, that’s just how it goes. Websites can take a bit of work but if both partners come to the table and are in it together, it will work. We worked with Bizink to build the site and then went through the approval process with the pmwPlus partners.”

“The process was really quite smooth. Bizink was onboard for whatever crazy ideas we came up with and were even happy to change things when we added a module halfway through.”

“I’m just grateful to be given a website that’s so easy to use” Bo added, “it’s really simple to edit the website and trust me – I’ve worked with other websites that are not easy at all!”

“It’s so easy to edit!”


After the new website is launched, Bizink provides training sessions for advisors and staff. Bo says “the training and handover was really great.”

Using the website

“There were a few weeks in April – May this year where there was a lot going on with COVID-19 and JobKeeper and sleep was hard to come by. I put together a COVID-19 information page for our clients which was surprisingly easy to put on the website. I was nervous about doing it but I went back to my training and it was up and running within the day. I didn’t even need to ask for help!”

There are certain elements on our website in particular that you would think might be harder to manage – like our testimonials and our team page – but it really doesn’t take much stress at all. It’s like Bizink websites are built to be dummy-proof! It has been really simple for me to change content and details when I need to.”

“It’s so worth having the Bizink subscription!”

“I have worked on other websites and it has been so stressful. Some sites are so difficult to use and even updating a heading is hard work. The Bizink website gives me a good framework so I can use, edit and update the website easily.”

“If I do get stuck I have Support to reach out to. I send in my change or request and in 24 hours it’s been done. It’s so worth having the Bizink subscription!”

Bizink Support

When we asked Bo about her experience with our support, she expressed her love for our support team, particularly Bruce.

“Anytime I’ve got a problem, I reach out to support and it gets sorted. Last week we had a weird problem and I couldn’t figure it out. I messaged support and Bruce just fixed it” she said.

“It’s good to know that if I mess something up I have a backup team to help.”


“The other feature I love is the content.”
“We know that Google responds to organic, original content that’s uploaded regularly – but we don’t have the time to create all that. Having access to the library of content that you regularly update makes it so much easier.”

“We just go in and take your content and tweak it a little bit to fit our messaging, communications and branding. It is invaluable for client communication but also helping our SEO presence.”


We asked Bo about pmwPlus’ growth in the last 18 months and the role the website played in that.

“We’re a small town in regional Australia and we base everything on relationships. We feel our best selling tool is referrals and we get good word-of-mouth from people recommending us.”

“The website has certainly helped with referrals as people who have heard about us will often check us out online first.”

“The website also helped us drive the message that we are here to help everyone no matter what their situation is, no matter what size their business is. We are here to help with everything from simple tax returns through to achieving personal and business goals.”

“The website is so easy to use, the content is invaluable and the subscription is so worth it!”

“Having the testimonials on the website is good for those referrals also. Plus with our website we’re able to give them access to see the team and learn about who they’ll be working with. The same goes for our About the firm section where they can learn more about our history.”

“Before we got this website, we had all the services, but it wasn’t being communicated correctly, now the website is doing that for us.”

What pmwPlus loves about Bizink

“It’s well worth keeping Bizink on as a subscription and it’s a great safety net. It’s amazing how responsive Bizink is, so quick to answer me, someone is always back to me within 12-24 hours.”

“I couldn’t love Bizink more”

Check out the pmwPlus website for yourself.


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