Facebook Basics: pages, groups and ads

Facebook is the biggest social media platform with almost 2 billion users. Discover how to harness the power of Facebook for your firm.

Facebook has almost 2 billion users with many spending several hours on it every day. To market your firm effectively online, you cannot afford to ignore the world’s most popular social media platform.

In this workshop, you’ll discover how to harness the power of Facebook to grow your accounting business. Your host is Gayatri Wood who has helped several leading accounting firms build social communities.

Webinar Recording

What you’ll Learn

  • Why Facebook is now the most important social media platform for accountants and bookkeepers
  • How to create a Facebook Business Page
  • Community building using Facebook groups
  • Targeted marketing using Facebook Ads


About your Hosts

Gayatri Wood

Gayatri has helped several top cloud accounting firms with their marketing and is currently Marketing Manager for the Wow Company, a leading Xero firm in the UK.

Matt Wilkinson

Matt Wilkinson

Matt is the founder and CEO of Bizink as had helped 100s of accounting and bookkeeping firms worldwide with their marketing.