COVID-19 and “the new normal” are terms you’re probably sick of hearing. But the former has undoubtedly created the latter and totally changed how accountants and bookkeepers do marketing.

In response, we’ve created the Marketing Restart Kit to help firms win new business and continue to delight their existing clients.

The Marketing Restart Kit is free for every new client that signs up for either a Bizink Website or Client Hub during June and July. The kit gives you a marketing plan which we then execute for you. In other words, we do the marketing while you work with clients and run your firm.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Marketing Plan written by Bizink
  • 90 days of marketing activities done for you:
    • 1 x Blog per week
    • Blogs posted to social media (any or all of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
    • 3 x Email Newsletters
    • 3 x Email Blasts
  • A set of beautifully designed social media posts
  • SEO audit
  • Marketing strategy meeting when the 90 day campaign has finished

The marketing content is focused on reviving and thriving in the post COVID world. It’s designed to inspire clients and prospects and start great conversations with you.

Interested? The next step is to sign up for a quick online demo to understand our products. Once you sign up, the marketing campaign starts on the day your Website or Client Hub goes live.