Create a 1-page marketing plan for your firm in 9 quick & easy steps

73% of accounting firms don’t have a marketing plan.

Firms without a plan waste time and money on marketing activities that lead nowhere.

Firms with a plan invest time and money into generating ideal clients and hitting growth goals.

But getting started with a marketing plan can feel like hard work.

Not anymore…

Join us in this hands-on workshop and create your very own 1-page marketing plan in just 9 quick & easy steps.

In this session, you’ll learn:
➤The 3 stages of your clients marketing journey and what to do at each stage
➤The 9 core components of a 1-page marketing plan (and the order to complete them)
➤How to translate your marketing plan into a 90-day activity calendar

By the end of this session you’ll leave with a template and the know-how to create your own 1-page marketing plan and hit your growth targets in 2023.