Webinar - 6 Social Media Myths Busted

While social media is being used more and more, it’s still plagued with misconceptions on how to use it best.

In this webinar, social media expert, Gayatri Wood, will be debunking 6 common social media myths.

Social media is now a standard marketing channel for accountants and bookkeepers – but there are still plenty of misconceptions around it.

What you’ll Learn

  • Do you need to be every social site? Or just some?
  • Why likes doesn’t = social success
  • Is being on social a reputational risk?
  • And much more!

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Useful Resources

During the webinar, Gayatri mentioned several resources you might like to check out. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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About your Host

Gayatri Wood

Gayatri Wood

Gayatri is an expert in marketing for accounting firms with a special focus on social media.

As well as her role for Bizink, she’s also the marketing manager for The Wow Company, a leading Xero based firm in the UK.