Webinar - Stand out by being secure
with Practice Protect

Learn how security is a point of difference
in marketing your accounting firm

Let’s face it, you likely find it hard to find a unique selling point for your accounting firm. Standing out in a ‘sea of sameness’ is challenging when most accountants offer similar services, packages and pricing.

Putting emphasis on your security efforts through your marketing and sales messaging could help your firm stand out from the rest. In this webinar you’ll learn how to use security as a point of difference.

What you’ll learn

  • Why does security matter?
  • Why does marketing matter?
  • Ways to make your firm more secure
  • How to use security in your marketing

Webinar Recording

Free ebook

You can also download a free copy of the accompanying eBook – Stand out by being secure, written with accounting firm security experts, Practice Protect.

About your Hosts

Jon Melloy

Jon is Head of Business Development at Practice Protect the world’s #1 data security platform for accounting firms. Since 2017, Jon has been working with accountants and bookkeepers to help them get complete control over the access of client data and passwords—all on the Practice Protect platform.

Anthea Major


Anthea is Head of Growth in Bizink’s Sales & Marketing team. As well as spreading the word about Bizink, she also works closely with Bizink clients and industry partners to help advisors get marketing done in minutes.