How many leads do you get?

In 2017 Bizink surveyed more than 400 accounting and bookkeeping firms from across the world. We were shocked by the results on lead generation.

The majority of firms we surveyed (58.6% to be precise) only get 1-5 leads each month. And over a quarter get none at all! Quality is more important than quantity but it’s hard to grow a firm with numbers like these.

Get more leads

Bizink is on a mission to help busy accountants and bookkeepers get more leads. Growing database of quality leads is the key to successfully marketing your firm. How do we know? We work with hundreds of firms across the globe so we see what works and what doesn’t.

Next week we’ll be presenting a practical webinar that shows you how to grow your leads list.

In this webinar, you’ll learn nine ways to build a leads database. They’re all practical and proven methods that you can start working on as soon as the webinar finishes.

The tips are based on Bizink’s experience of working with leading accounting firms from across the globe. Stop messing around with social media and search engines and learn how the truly successful firms do lead gen!

What you’ll learn

  • Why a leads database is crucial to your firm’s marketing success and future value if you decide to sell
  • The best CRMs for storing your leads
  • Nine lead generation tips you can action right away

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Bonus for all Attendees

  • Free lead magnet you can use on your website
  • Free email outreach templates for connecting with new prospects
  • Website audit

Date and Time

North America: Wednesday 31st October at 3pm Pacific | 6pm Eastern
Australia & NZ: Thursday 1st November at 8am AEST | 9am AEDT | 11am NZ

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Want more leads?

Would you like to grow your list of leads? From lead generating websites, automated blogs, newsletters and social media marketing through to optimized landing pages. We have a range of products to help you bring in qualified leads every month. Speak to one of our lead generation specialists to find out how we can help your firm.