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Welcome to the Bizink playbook.

We created this free resource to give accounting & bookkeeping firms the tools, templates, and training they need to attract more leads, nurture prospects, and retain existing clients.

The playbook is built around our signature Leads to Loyalty Framework – a simple process we created to help firms understand the different stages of marketing their prospects and clients go through.


Leads to Loyalty marketing for accountants

On the left-hand side of this playbook, you’ll notice different sections based on the 5 stages of the framework. In each section are a number of free resources. Some you can access immediately, others are locked and will require you to subscribe (for free) to the playbook. Doing so will mean you’re notified whenever we add new resources & training in here.

If you’re not sure where to get started in this playbook, we created a short marketing performance audit for you to complete.

In less than 3 minutes you’ll uncover which areas of your marketing need the most focus, and which resources you should prioritise using.

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