Month of Marketing 2017

Online workshops, Q&As, expert content and resources to take your skills to the next level and grow your firm

Month of Marketing begins September 1st 2017! Visit the website to secure your place

Month of Marketing is a series of online workshops, Q&As and expert content designed to help accountants and bookkeepers build their firm.

Let September be the month where you take your firm’s marketing to the next level! We’ve brought together some of the best marketers in the accounting profession for a series of educational sessions covering everything from pricing and positioning to selling and social media.

Month of Marketing

Free if you Register

Everyone who registers for Month of Marketing receives:

  • Free admission to all 10 Workshops and 3 Q&A Sessions
  • Free resources including templates, eBooks and checklists
  • Opportunity to win a website from Bizink and a 12-month program from The Revolutionary Firm
  • Recording of every session including the Workshops and Q&As


The full schedule of events can be found on the website. Sign up once and you’ll be registered for every session in Month of Marketing.


Practical online workshops that will show exactly how to level up your marketing


Live sessions where the leading marketers in the profession share their secrets


Register and get access to free resources including checklists, content and planning tools


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