Improving the “sender” field in your email marketing can greatly increase your open rates. Here are three simple tips you would take seconds the next time you send an email:

  1. Be Personal: Use a personal name instead of your firm company name. People open emails from people, not firms (the exception is transactional emails like “Here’s your login” where the information is important and they are expecting it)

  2. Use a Recognisable Name: who is the face of your firm? It might be one person or different people for tax, business advisory if your firm is larger

  3. Consistency: Stick to a consistent sender name so your audience begins to recognise and trust your emails. Frequent changes can lead to confusion and reduce open rates

Most email marketing platforms like MailChimp will let you edit the From Name field. You don’t have to change the email address the email is being sent from or the “Reply To” field.