I asked Alan FitzGerald of Practice Connections, what would you like your accountant to start, stop and keep doing?

Start: Alan wants his accountant to start effectively marketing and communicating the full range of services they can offer. Alan suggests that accountants should emphasise their ability to help clients save money and generate more revenue through proactive financial planning and tax optimization strategies. By promoting these services and demonstrating their value, accountants can strengthen client relationships and unlock untapped revenue potential for both parties.

Stop: Alan is satisfied with the services provided by his accountants. They handle his monthly bookkeeping, annual accounts, financial planning, and more. He appreciates that they take care of all his accounting needs, as he no longer wishes to do it himself. He relies on them as his “anxiety transfer specialists,” providing him with peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Keep: Alan wants his accountants to continue doing what they’re doing. He values their proactive approach, regularly reaching out to him with relevant information and advice. He appreciates their comprehensive services, from tax returns to future planning, and their ability to translate complex accounting matters into clear guidance for him.

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