I asked Alistair Marshall from Professional Services BD, what would you like your accountant to start, stop and keep doing?

Start: Alistair suggests that accountants should leverage their existing networks more effectively. They often have strong business networks in their local areas, but they don’t share them as much as they could. He believes accountants should host their own networking events, where they can choose who attends and facilitate introductions for their clients.

Stop: He expresses frustration with the slow responsiveness of some accountants, which he finds unprofessional. Alistair believes there’s no excuse for delayed communication, and accountants should prioritise keeping their clients happy by returning calls and emails promptly.

Keep: Alistair appreciates the technological expertise that accountants bring to the table. He finds value in their ability to use software like Xero to handle complex tasks quickly and efficiently, saving him time and effort. He believes this is the most significant value they provide.

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