I asked Blake Oliver from Earmark CPE and The Accounting Podcast, what would you like your accountant to start, stop and keep doing?

Start: Blake says many firms should start improving their communication with clients. He says his CPA tends to become unresponsive during busy periods. This creates uncertainty and worry. Blake suggests accountants should proactively reach out to clients, providing updates and reassurance.

Stop:  Blake said accountants should stop providing excessive detail when answering client questions. He acknowledges that accountants may want to be helpful, but overly detailed responses can overwhelm busy business owners. He recommends more concise and to-the-point communication.

Keep: Blake stresses the importance of accuracy and meeting deadlines, which is something he appreciates in his current accountant. He values the peace of mind that comes with knowing his accountant can defend his work and has a track record of success in audits.

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