I asked Glen Senior of The Small Business Company, what would you like your accountant to start, stop and keep doing?

Start: Glen wants his accountant to start notifying him of looming tax bills and providing information on dividends and minimizing tax payments. He suggests that his accountant should send him relevant updates on legislation or industry news that may affect his business. He wants them to start using e-docs for signatures and adopting technology to reduce paper usage and streamline the process.

Stop: Glen wants his accountant to stop sending him generic PDF forms that require printing, handwriting, and scanning. He suggests that the hassle of filling out forms should be eliminated, and they should utilize e-signing to speed up the process.

Keep: Glen appreciates his accountant’s fast response rate to queries and requests, either on the same day or the next day. He values the fact that his accountant is a one-stop shop for information, eliminating the need to seek outside assistance. He suggests that his accountant should continue their efficient communication and be his primary source of information.

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