Brannon is the founder of Poe Group Advisors and has been facilitating successful accounting practice transitions throughout the US and Canada since 2003.

He is also the creator of Accounting Practice Academy, a virtual practice management workshop, and the author of the Accounting Practice Insights Blog and hosts the Accountant’s Flight Plan” podcast with other top thought-leaders in the accounting profession. 

I asked Brannon what he’d like his accountant to start, stop and keep doing. Here’s what he told me:

Start: Brannon would love his new bookkeeper to become more knowledgeable about his business and life goals. He believes that with a deeper understanding of the business, they could help be able to give more valuable financial insights.

Stop: Brannon wants a stop to endless reports being emailed to him and instead set up a Dropbox to share them. He finds this approach more efficient, especially since other team members have access to his inbox and CRM and can see the reports which have sensitive data in them.

Keep: He likes how his bookkeeper is focused on budgeting and forecasting. He values working with them to build numbers for the future rather than just analysing past figures.

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