Vinay Iswar from BetterCo on the importance of Branding

I spoke with Vinay Iswar, founder and MD of BetterCo. an accounting firm from Auckland, New Zealand.

He feels a strong brand is central to growing an accounting firm. The interview is below and the key points Vinay made were:

1. Stand out in a sea of sameness: The accounting industry is often considered dry. Many firms are un-differentiated. Brand is how to stand out. Branding goes beyond a logo and encompasses everything from firm name, office environment, even what staff wear. 

2. Detach from individuals: Vinay highlighted the value of a strong brand that’s detached from individual partners and team members of the firm. The brand isn’t affected if a person leaves.

3. Branding as a Foundation: He sees brand as the foundation for marketing. Getting the brand right is a catalyst for success in other areas, such as lead generation and marketing strategies. 

His rule of thumb for evaluating a brand idea: if he can envision the brand’s entire identity, including newsletters, social media spin-offs, and attire, within 60 seconds, he considers it a good brand. 

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