What's included in our websites?

Over 48 value-packed features to help your website stand out, attract leads, and support clients


Local content

All content is localized so it’s relevant to your audience and we recognize(ise!) regional differences in spelling and grammar.

White label

We create the content – you take the credit. You won’t find our name anywhere.

Royalty free

Use our content however you want. In fact we encourage you to do so. Feel free to use the content for your marketing and social media.

Weekly blog posts

Every week, we’ll deliver freshly written blog posts for you on the topics business owners love.

Social media

Post to your blog and automatically publish to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Partner content

We’ve got official content from your favorite accounting partners like Xero, Sage and Receipt Bank.

Business resources

Over 60 pieces of business content, from our team of expert writers who also create content for Bank of America, Microsoft and HSBC.

Automatic updates

We keep your business and partner content up-to-date without you having to lift a finger.

Interactive content

Our interactive tools are proven to increase engagement on your website.

Social posts

For every web page we provide you, we also create six social media posts you can use on your favourite social sites.

SEO optimized

All content is written with the aim of improving your ranking in search engines like Google.

Copywriting service

Need help writing about your firm? Our copywriters are happy to help.


Mobile friendly

Our websites look great on everything from a smartphone to a widescreen monitor.

Never pay for web design

Web designs moves at a fast pace so at Bizink, you can change design whenever you want – for free!

We love accountants & bookkeepers

Our team has built hundreds of websites for accountants and bookkeepers so we know what it takes to make yours succeed.

Free photography

We’ll source high quality photos and images for your website and pay for them.

Brand design

Our team can create the perfect visual identity for your firm.

Stress free

Our design process is super-streamlined, leaving you free to work with your clients.

Standard design

Pick a layout, send your logo and you’ll have a beautifully-designed, content-packed website in two weeks.

Custom design

Get a completely bespoke website design, hand-crafted by our creative team.

Site management

Media library

Add images and documents like PDFs to your site with our media manager.

Simple editing

Simple yet powerful, our website software is intuitive software. Managing your site is simple, even for non-­technical staff.


Videos can easily be embedded into your website.

Drafts & revisions

Save in draft mode until you’re ready to publish. Plus we save old versions of each page so you can go back of you make a mistake.

Edit anything

We put you in complete control of your website and you can edit every part of it.

Manage users

Add as many editors to your website as you like.

Online payments

Accept secure online payments through your site. We integrate with several payment services including PayPal, Stripe and eWAY.

Online forms

Interactive forms for collecting data from website visitors.

Team page

We make it easy for you to manage a stylish team page – one of the most visited parts of accounting websites.

Events page

Promote events you run for clients and prospects.

Fixed price packages

If you do value or fixed pricing, we’ve got the perfect way to display your packages.


Display positive feedback from clients on your site.



A fully-featured blog is part of every website we build.

Email marketing

Use our email marketing software or we integrate with the most popular platforms like MailChimp.


Find out exactly what clients think with online surveys. Can be used for annual questionnaires.

Search engine optimized

Every Bizink website is optimized to make sure you get a high ranking in search engines like Google.

Landing pages

You can easily add high converting landing pages to your website.

Social media

Post to your social media sites with one click. We’ll also include your social links and sharing buttons on important content.

Marketing automation

Engage with your audience through email automation like drip campaigns, and date-based reminders.

Smart integrations

We integrate with the software you use like Xero Practice Manager, QuickBooks and Box.

Performance & security

Optimized for speed

Every Bizink site is tested using tools from Google and Yahoo and optimised for blazing fast performance.

Cloud hosting

We host our sites on Amazon cloud servers used by some of the world’s leading websites, to ensure great service, however much traffic you get. The data centre is based in Sydney, NSW.


Your site admin is protected with 128bit encryption and leading web monitoring and malware cleanup service Sucuri is a belt and braces approach to keeping your site safe and secure.

Daily backups

We make daily backups of your site so we can recover it in case of an emergency.

Training & support

In-app support

You can reach our support team with one click from inside our website software.

Fast & responsive

Our support team is on hand 9 to ­5, every business day. We’ll acknowledge your support request within two hours and aim to solve it the same day.

Free training

Many users find the Bizink website software so intuitive, they can dive in and start using it straight away. We also offer free training through videos and online documentation.

Expert advice

​There’s more to running a website than knowing how the software works. When you join the BizInk community, you’ll also benefit from advice from our team of web experts. We regularly blog, email and run webinars about how to get more from your website and online marketing.

“We’ve doubled our turnover since switching to Bizink 4 years ago. Our website has been an important part of that growth.”

Andrew Millington – The Accounting Hub

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