Social media is a way to stay connected with your current accounting clients while also engaging potential new ones. Ideally your page is a mix of informative, entertaining, and promotional content, with a slightly heavier emphasis on informative and entertaining, and less emphasis on promotional.

There are three types of content that often get posted. If you can, have a mix of all three.

Informative content

If you can, share important information about the industry your clients work in or accounting news, interesting articles or blog posts you’ve created or read, or other relevant information. This can be business tips, thought leadership pieces, and useful resources you’ve come across.

For example, you might post about changes to tax laws affecting small business owners, reminders about end-of-fiscal-year reporting, government grant eligibility or how to budget for business growth. You could also talk about Xero and its benefits.

Try to have 40% of your posts informative.

Content that entertains

Providing content that’s fun, and done well, can engage your audience. It’s designed to show more of your personality and help you connect with your audience. You don’t need a lot, but it helps to break up the seriousness of your informative and promotional content.

The great thing about entertaining content is that it can overlap with informative and promotional content. For example, ask questions of your audience and get them involved in the conversation, showcase the behind-the-scenes of your workplace, or share interesting stories that you’ve come across.

If it matches your brand, you could share memes that showcase animals, post a video of your team talking about why they love accounting, or ask your followers to share stories about their first job.

Try to have about 20% percent of your posts entertaining.

Promotional content

Promotional content is the most difficult, because people don’t want to be sold on social media sites, but you still want to market yourself. Share information that is not overtly a sell like offers or promotions. Instead, talk about the services you offer from a customer story angle, highlight a testimonial from a happy client, publish links to your blog posts and lead magnets, or invite followers to your events.

Keep your promotional posts to about 40% of your social media.

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