Website + XPM Integration

We’ve relaunched our integration with XPM to send leads from your website to your practice manager.

There’s no extra cost but we need a few details to set it up for you.

If you’d like this added to your site, please complete our short form below.

We’ll get in touch with the next steps.



Set up XPM leads integration

Please fill out your details so we can integrate your website forms to XPM. Email [email protected] if you have questions.

  • Please raise a support ticket with Xero to get this. You should ask: "Please can you generate and send me an API Key and Account Key for the add-on named Bizink so that I can integrate my website with XPM? My website provider, Bizink, has built an integration"
  • Raise the support ticket listed above to get this.
  • Who you want to "own" the leads in XPM. This is found by going to Business/Settings/Staff and clicking on the person. The ID is at the end of the link in the url bar.
  • What you would like to call the leads coming in. We suggest "Website Lead"