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Meet Mark.

Mark Telford of Telfords Accountants approached Bizink in November 2017. Less than one month later, his brand new Bizink website was live!

We sat down with Mark in mid-2019 to see what his Bizink experience was like.

Choosing Bizink

Mark first came across Bizink while browsing the website of another client of ours in the UK. “I really liked the look of the site, I liked the layout so I had a look to see who built it and then got in touch with Bizink,” Mark said.

Mark’s previous website experiences hadn’t quite gone to plan.
“I had previously gone with a couple of website providers for accountants in the UK. It was a bit of a sorry state really, you can tell straight away with their websites that it’s an accountant’s website. Those providers typically populate those sites with stuff that’s relevant to accountants but not business owners”

“With Bizink websites, I liked the layout it was fresh, clean and attractive, it didn’t look like a typical accountants website,” Mark added.

“Bizink sites don’t look like
typical accountants websites”

Building the website

After Mark chose his design, Bizink’s production team got started with the build.
“The initial website build was very quick and very easy. I couldn’t believe how quickly you had a live website up and running for us, just from the little initial info we provided!” Mark explained. “And I didn’t really need to alter very much at the outset, which was great.”

Using the site

Bizink offers website training once the site goes live and we also have a Knowledge Base of articles and resources for our clients to use. We want our clients to know how to use their site and feel confident in tweaking some content or adding a blog.

“I have done quite a bit of editing myself since, it’s normally just the text that I change really, sometimes I’ll post a blog. It’s really easy to use. I have a marketing person who does that stuff regularly” Mark said.

Bizink Support

At Bizink, we place a huge emphasis on Customer Success and do everything we can to support our clients. Given our focus, we asked Mark about his experience with Bizink’s Support team so far.

“Support has been very quick, incredibly quick actually! Bruce is very responsive to any changes we have. This is where I think being in different timezones can work really well. Often when I login in the morning, the things have already been fixed!” Mark explained.

“The whole team is great, they’ve given our marketing staff access and are always there to help them.”


Mark joins the ranks of other award-winning accountants who choose Bizink for their websites. In 2018, he was awarded Most Valued Professional (United Kingdom) from Xero. He spoke to us about Xero and how he uses his website to reflect their Xero expertise.

“We had to do more than just say we do Xero, that’s not going to differentiate us enough,” Mark said.

“Bizink had loads of great Xero content ready to go from the beginning, plus it’s really straightforward to add new bits there if we want,” Mark said.

“I actually see that Bizink sits alongside Xero,” Mark said. “A lot of accountants talk about their Appstack, that is, the apps and tools they choose to run their firm. I believe that needs to include your website and web provider.”


“Within 2 months of our website going live, we picked up a client which was worth £7000 a year which was a direct enquiry through the website,” Mark said. “And that client was right in our ideal client category which was even better.”

“It was unusual because a lot of websites attract a price-sensitive client, this client came because of the services that were offered.”

Within 2 months of the website going live, we picked up a client worth £7000 a year which was direct enquiry through the site!


So what do Telfords do on the marketing front?

LinkedIn Marketing

“Most of the marketing I do is on LinkedIn,” Mark explained. “And most of the things I post will have a link back to the website, it drives a lot of traffic there.”

Pricing Page

“We added a pricing page to our website to discourage tyre-kickers and time-wasters,” Mark explained. “The prices listed there are on the higher side but that was deliberate. It supports the idea of attracting the right client for us.”


“Bizink is perfect for an accountant who wants a fresh, clean, modern website that fits the values of their practice,” Mark said.

“But particularly if they are a Xero partner, it all fits in really nicely, the branding and messaging is consistent.”

“Bizink is perfect for an accountant who wants a fresh, clean, modern website that fits the values of their practice.”


Bizink’s Marketing Help

“I think it’s great that you do so much in terms of webinars and marketing help,” Mark said.
“Currently our website and social media generate enough business for us so we aren’t trying to do a heap of other marketing. If we were, your webinars are a great resource to have.”

“Overall Bizink’s offering is really good,” Mark said. “It’s amazing how easy it is to get up and running, painless really!”

“Even a “numpty” like me can go in and change things around easily, it’s very straightforward.”

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