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When’s a website more than a website? When it’s a Bizink website!

As a bookkeeping firm and a certified Profit First Professional, Number Krunchers aims to give its clients control over their financial destiny. Clients have come to rely on Number Krunchers for innovative technological solutions to their bookkeeping needs. Founder Steven Mulligan’s ability to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed has turned many clients into long-term friends.

Initially, when Steven started Number Krunchers, he created his own website. He found the website adequate, but it mainly acted as an online brochure. So he hired a company to build a website for him. Unfortunately, he paid thousands of dollars for a website and marketing package that didn’t meet his needs.

“It was a horrible experience and it cost me a ton of money,” Steven says. “I paid them thousands of dollars, but it was just a glamorous brochure. It also had lots of technical problems. I was getting nothing from it. They put some keywords on my site that weren’t relevant to me, so I was getting phone calls about debt collection services and that sort of stuff. I tried to work it out with them, and even upped the package for more SEO. I hated it. I would never go back to them.”

The high cost and lack of service made Steven realise he needed to make a change. His friend Kristy, who also owns a bookkeeping firm, recommended Bizink.

Steven was attracted by Bizink’s value and reasonable prices, but what sold him on Bizink was the focus on the accounting and bookkeeping industry. Although he didn’t have any specific goals for his marketing or website when he started, Steven says his website has helped him attract clients.

“All of my clients have come through referrals, but that’s not the point. Everyone looks at a website before they make a decision. In fact, two companies I’ve partnered with recently have looked at our website and saw the values we have on there aligned with them, so the website gets me business.”

Steven wasn’t aware of all the automations he’d have access to through his Bizink Pro website, and says after signing on with Bizink he realised how much more value he was getting for his money.

“It’s not just a website, it’s newsletters, getting subscribers, it takes away the overwhelm. Bizink is always improving themselves and they’re always on the lookout for new partnerships–like Profit First Professionals and Xero. They’re always finding new technology, and it’s quite advanced. I like that you’re developing new things all the time. We just onboarded a new client here who said ‘we’re never satisfied with being status quo’ and I think that’s the same for Bizink.”

Aside from the website, content and automations, Steven says he appreciates the mindset at Bizink.

“You all care about what you’re doing. It comes through on Zoom meetings; it makes us feel special. Everyone knows what they’re doing. You’re professionals. You listen to what we want and even if we don’t know what to ask, you advise us. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bizink and I have recommended Bizink already. You guys have really got the goods together to help us.”


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