[Guide] How to promote your lead magnet

Here’s the thing about lead magnets…

If you put them on your website and forget about them, they likely won’t get found. 

You need to promote your lead magnet regularly to generate a consistent stream of new leads. This ensures more people are aware of it and more likely to check it out. Not only will promoting your lead magnet regularly increase the chances that people remember you and your speciality, it gets you in front of new eyes, as well. 

Here are some ways to promote your lead magnet. 


Email marketing

Although it won’t generate new leads, emailing prospects and leads you’ve already connected with nurtures your relationship and highlights your value to them. So let your existing email list know about your new lead magnet. After all, it could have information that’s valuable to them. 

Segment your list if possible, so the email only goes to those who are interested in the content. For example, CEOs of large companies likely won’t be all that interested in a guide to writing a business plan for a small business. 

In your email, write a clear and compelling subject line (often the best ones are those that show how your lead magnet solves a problem), give a brief overview of the lead magnet’s content, and close with a clear call to action to download the lead magnet. Link to the landing page or the page where the lead magnet can be found.


Social media marketing

If you’ve got a social media presence, use it to promote your lead magnet. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn–or wherever you have a presence. Make it clear that your lead magnet contains useful information that solves a pain point your ideal clients often experience. 

For example, if your lead magnet gives tips on what can or can’t be deducted, your social media post could talk about how business owners are often confused about what they can and can’t deduct from their taxes, and your ebook will clear things up for them, saving them time, stress, and money. 

Just make sure you give lots of information before pointing them to your lead magnet. For example, see this LinkedIn post by Jordan Vickery. He gives a lot of information upfront, then shares the link to the lead magnet in the p.s.

Use eye-catching graphics–you can even use GIFs–and include a clear call to action to download the lead magnet. If you feel inclined, you can use paid advertising to reach a larger audience. 

Additionally, include links to your lead magnet in your social media bio or about section. This ensures it’s always easily accessible to your readers, and anyone new who comes across your profile will immediately learn about the lead magnet. 



Your blog is a great place to showcase your lead magnet, without giving away all the information. Write a post that highlights an aspect of the content and include a call to action to download the lead magnet. Or you might write a blog post about a related topic and end with a note about the lead magnet, encouraging readers to download it to find out more. 

Even better, you can share links to your blog on your social media, further increasing your reach. 

In addition to writing a blog post about your lead magnet, include a link to your lead magnet with a call to action in all of your blogs. 


Influencer marketing

If you have clients in a certain industry, chances are there’s an influencer in that same industry who has people’s ears (and eyes). Explore ways you could partner to share each other’s content, and services. If they promote your lead magnet, you could promote their events, for example. Or they might be willing to give a review of your ebook. 


Event marketing

If your lead magnet is related to your speciality, create a webinar about a related topic and offer the webinar as a resource for attendees. For example, if your lead magnet is about tax deductions, you could host a webinar about effective bookkeeping practices to save yourself stress at tax time. 

Promote the webinar on your social media, and encourage others to do the same.


Additional marketing

There are other things you can do to promote your lead magnet. For example, you could 

  • Create a video talking about the content
  • Be a guest on a podcast that reaches your target audience
  • Add it to your “Resources” page
  • Use website pop-ups that grab people’s attention as they’re about to leave your website


Be consistent

It’s important to continually market your lead magnet, so people remain aware of it and have many opportunities to download it. After all, they may not be thinking about tax deductions the first time they read about your lead magnet, but by the fourth time they come across it, they may be ready to learn more. 

That’s why you want to promote it regularly across a variety of channels. So you’re in front of people when they’re thinking about their finances. 


Final thoughts

Once you’ve got your lead magnet up, you need to let the world know about it. Find ways to share it through email, social media, blogs, and other channels to highlight your expertise, nurture relationships with leads, and generate a consistent stream of prospects.