Leads to Loyalty Bootcamp Recordings

Marketing is a journey, starting with planning and ending with retention.

Knowing what to do at each stage of this journey is key to ensuring leads, prospects, and clients move through seamlessly. The recordings from this event will show you how.

In these recorded sessions from our Leads to Loyalty Bootcamp in September, you’ll discover proven strategies, tactics, and tools for managing important touchpoints in your marketing lifecycle from attracting & generating leads to retaining your existing clients.

Here are the sessions:

PLAN – An “MBA” in Marketing in an Hour with Allan Dib


ATTRACT – How to use Social Media to build a Personal Brand and Attract New Clients with Trent McLaren and Rachel Fisch


ENGAGE – Engage Clients and Prospects with Email Marketing with Matt Wilkinson


CONVERT – The Accountant’s Guide to Pricing and Client Onboarding with Ethan Cooney and Rebecca Mihalic


RETAIN – How to Deliver an Exceptional Client Experience and Give Your Clients the Tools They Need to Succeed with Stephen Watts