Sending email blasts can be an effective way to market yourself efficiently to a large group of people. 

Your longer-term customers, however, deserve special attention. Keep track of important dates and send them a personal message to mark those occasions. This email template helps you reach out to clients on the anniversary of them signing up with your firm. 

You can tailor the content to suit you.

Before sending this email to your contacts, please make sure to do the following:

  1. Replace all text in red font with relevant information
  2. Make sure your logo and signature appear in the email
  3. Revise any content to ensure it reflects your firm

Subject line: Happy Anniversary!

Preview line: Can you believe it’s been {time period}?

— body of email—

Happy Anniversary, {firstname}!

Can you believe we’ve been together for {time period}?

We’ve really enjoyed working with you on (project/service) and we’re so proud to have clients like you. 

In our time together, you’ve achieved:

  • {achievement 1 e.g. launched your new business venture}
  • {achievement 2 e.g. expanded into new business premises}
  • {achievement 3 e.g. moved your accounting to the cloud}

We look forward to helping you kick more goals over the coming years!

Many thanks for your continued support. 

(Your name)